Meet Nayvette

Hello! I have a confession to  make. I am totally and utterly addicted to paper. Quite honestly, I’ve been a secret admirer of paper since I was a child. I loved to cut, to paste, to draw, to fold. I loved the different textures, the colors and – most of all – the wonderful things that I could create.

Whether it was a one dimensional design, a collage, a folded origami figure or a three dimensional construction, I was – and still am – hypnotized by paper art.  It wasn’t until after the constant urging – and sometimes nagging – of a few close friends that my secret obsession was unveiled for the world to see. Thus, Nay-Lilly Designs was born. Now that the secret is out, I plan to feed my obsession as much and as often as I possibly can.

Nay-Lilly Designs is a one-woman company dedicated to creating custom stationery, invitations and event favors. I am passionate about creating designs that reflect you and your uniqueness. Every item is exclusively designed and crafted just for you. I have found that I am keenly sensitive to an individual’s vision and would like to think that my degree in Psychology has something to do with this gift, but in all honesty, I believe it’s because I just genuinely like people.

Have a stationery need? Let’s talk! Contact me today for a free consultation! The possibilities are endless!!!